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Squandary | April 14, 2013

Review - Newer Technology NuGuard KX case iPhone Case

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+ Excellent protection
+ Military drop tested
+ Great value for this level of protection

- Could use more solid color options
- Logo size is a bit obtrusive

Drop it from 15 feet or 150 feet and your phone will be protected. Newer Technology has gone above and beyond to demonstrate that the NuGuard KX provides superior protection while maintaining a favorably small footprint and clean design.

It is clear that thought was put into packaging for the NuGuard KX case. Enclosed in a box, a clear window exists on both the front and back of the packaging so the case can be inspected. A front flap can be pulled away and is held in place with small velcro strips. Upon opening the flap a small access port exists for a potential buyer to feel the hyper-advanced X-orbing gel that the NuGuard KX features. A QR code is also thoughtfully displayed on the inside of the flap that leads to the Newer Technology website where more information can be discovered about the case. Removing the case from the packaging gets a little clumsy while navigating through opening various flaps to slide a plastic holder out of the box.


I am very impressed with the build quality of the case. The case has been drop tested in a variety of ways and carries military MIL-STD-810G certification as a result. The outside of the case is made up of a semi hard plastic or rubber material which provides appropriate sturdiness. The inside of the case contains hyper-advanced X-Orbing gel that is lined with a felt like material. The outer shell and gel work together to protect your phone when it inevitably dives from your hands. The felt like material prevents scratches while your phone lives in its new case. A subtle NuGuard KX logo is displayed in a corner on the back of the slightly textured case.


The NuGuard KX brings its a-game when it comes to performance. Marketing material on the NewerTechnology website demonstrates the phone being dropped on concrete from distances including 4, 10, 15, and 20 feet. Additional material shows an iPhone protected by the NuGuard KX being dropped off the top of a wind turbine. In all tests the phone survives without glass breakage and is demonstrated to be functional. I am not one to put my expensive electronic devices in danger on purpose, but the tests made me comfortable enough to drop my phone from a distance of approximately 4 feet onto a ceramic tile floor – my phone survived without issue. The phone fits snugly into the case. All buttons and ports are accessible and easy to use. The cut out for the headphone jack seems small, but all headsets I plugged in fit just fine. Camera and flash operation are not restricted in any way.


The NuGuard KX delivers style along with the protection it brings to the table. The one piece design is simple and sleek. It is slim and lightweight. It does not add noticeable bulk or weight to the iPhone footprint. It is available in 8 different color combinations, all but one of the combinations being a dominate color with a secondary accent color.


NuGuard KX
If you are in search for an attractive case that offers fantastic protection and durability without the added tax of extra bulk, look no further. You can pick up a NuGuard KX case by Newer Technology for $35. With so many color offerings, you are sure to find one you like.

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