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Motorcycle Sport Touring Association STAReview 2014, Vol. 33 No. 5 | 2014

NewerTech NuGuard KX Case / NuGuard KXs Screen Armor

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This is one that definitely caught my attention the KX NUGUARD S. It has three layers of x-orbing protection that combine into one ultra-thin .28-inch layer protective shield with advanced energy x-orbing technology to protect against damage. The first layer is to keep dust and dirt away while keeping the screen clear. The second layer is a military grade kinetic energy 3H hardness scale rating x-orbing protection. The last layer is a self-adhesive layer that provides a bubblefree look. This protection can be removed without damage to your phone. During the demo I saw them hit the phone with a hammer, and use the phone as a cutting board. I was sold, and it is very inexpensive, much cheaper than replacing a new screen, not to mention the cost of multiple normal screen covers. A must buy.

One of the problems with owning a phone is dropping it. The NUGUARD KX kinetic energy x-orbiting case provides impact gel protection without the bulk, allows easy port access. It is military drop tested certified MIL-STD- 810G US and comes with a lifetime warrantee. It comes in multiple colors. To see the KX case in action go to www.newertech. com/kx or com/watch?v=Xuf5Aa98AaA.
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