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Sync Blog | December 6, 2012

Awesome gift ideas for teens - NuTouch Gloves

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Okay, so gloves may not be the most exciting gift to get a teen... until now! The NuTouch Gloves by Newer Technology ($9.00) won't just keep your hands warm, they also let you use your touchscreen devices while wearing them. There are three problems with a lot of touchscreen gloves: 1) they require you to fold back the tip of the fingers to use your device; 2) the ones that use conductive fibre to enable touchscreen use directly through the fabric only have this integrated into a couple of fingers; or 3) gloves that have the conductive fibre woven into all 10 fingers are pricey. The NuTouch Gloves allow you to use all 10 of your fingers – great for touchscreen keyboards – and are budget-friendly! The gloves come in four sizes and are a charcoal grey colour.

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