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T3 Middle East | August 17, 2015

NewerTech Keypad: Tally Ho!

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Wireless numeric keyboard is perfect for video pros and financial analysts

Think of it as a perfect piece of kit for the number conscious amongst us all. Or pixel conscious even. The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad is another interesting offering from the brand, who seems to have made a habit of competent, well designed accessories.
keypad white
Essentially this is a wireless numeric keyboard that is compatible with Bluetooth enabled Mac, PC and iDevices. So the device TG is a very niche group who would use it as an extension of their Mac or PC keyboard experience. Think number crunching for traders, financial Analysts and programmers, shortcuts on Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro for graphic work, and Tally or Excel shortcuts for accountants, students and teachers.
keypad pkg
Apple keyboards, for lack of a better word, have consistently been something else, with practically every iteration having been a piece of beauty. Newertech’s offering nicely complements the original, with very strong design aesthetics, sturdy build and a firm desktop grip. The numeric keypad massively complements the look and feel of Apple keyboards, complete with precision machined aluminum housing, white chiclet keys, and even a bracket that attaches to the Apple keyboard with no extra tools needed.

The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad is priced at $54.95. The device pack includes the Wireless Aluminum Keypad, 2 AAA batteries and bracket to attach to Mac keyboards. Interestingly, an option with black chiclet keys is coming up.

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