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t3chniq | December 24, 2012

Review: Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

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Review – Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

For those who may not know, t3chniq is based in Boston, MA, where we have angry drivers, the Red Sox, and well, cold weather. This means that for at least 3 months a year I am wearing gloves (except this year, with unseasonably warm weather), and the biggest problem with gloves is that my smartphone is essentially useless to me unless I take the gloves off. This is where the NuTouch Gloves come in. The NuTouch Gloves are marketed as "The cold-weather solution for touch-screen devices outdoors." Do they live up to their marketing? Read on to find out.

Color Comparison


Let me start off by saying that the NuTouch Gloves are a nice looking pair of gloves. They only come in one color: Charcoal Gray, but the box (and website) is a bit misleading. When I saw the cover picture on the box, I expected them to have black fingertips, with a large contrast between the main glove color and the finger tips, this is just simply untrue. The gloves and the fingertips are extremely similar in color, in fact, had I not been looking at the tips specifically for the change in color, I might not have noticed one. I know this is a really minor gripe, and frankly, I prefer the subtle difference to a more pronounced one, but the fact is that I think these gloves are misrepresented on the packaging. Overall, though, these look like a nice pair of gloves, and the Charcoal Gray proves to be a pretty universally matching color.


2012-12-21 15.09.37The NuTouch Gloves fit extremely well, and Newer Technologies provided a great sizing guide. I did actually measure my hand prior to getting the gloves, but the guide was spot on. The gloves have a ton of elastic on the wrist, resulting in perhaps the most secure –and comfortable– gloves I have worn in recent memory. Unlike seemingly all gloves I wear, the fingers are actually the right length for me. While I can't speak for everyone, I absolutely love the fit and style of these gloves.


NuTouch Glove Hand PhotoNow on to the most important part of these gloves how do they perform? Great in cool dry weather. These gloves aren't marketed as extreme cold-weather or waterproof gear, and with that in mind, they do perform really well for cotton gloves. I just put a pair of nice thick finger-less gloves over this pair on a really cold day. Why wouldn't I just put on a warmer pair of full length gloves? Because the NuTouch Gloves are actually quite remarkable for touchscreen devices. I really could not be more satisfied with the conductance of these gloves. I have used styluses that do not work as well as these gloves on a touchscreen. In order to compare between glove sensitivity and regular hand sensitivity, I tried a bunch of sketching apps and just used the gloves over the course of a couple days, and they did not falter. I couldn't be happier with these gloves, now I just hope that they can make a pair of heavy waterproof gloves as well.


  • Nice Looking
  • Great touchscreen response
  • Nice looking
  • Only $20 (On Sale at the time of writing for $9 at OWC)


  • Color mismatch

t3chniq Verdict? If you want some nice touchscreen gloves: BUY!

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