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Tech & Learning | July 11, 2012

Have you found the perfect sylus yet? - NuScribe Stylus Review

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Have you found the perfect stylus yet?

The iPad has been out now for 2 ½ years and I have been searching for the perfect stylus ever since. I found the best combination is a stylus on one side and a pen on the other. Why the pen? Paper is still being used and not going away any time soon. Having the combination is just one less item to pack in the morning when going to school or work.

Jot Flip—$39.99—You may think this is a bit expensive but just wait until you hold this stylus. It is perfectly weighted for both use on the iPad and glides beautifully as a pen. The most interesting aspect of this stylus is its plastic circular tip. I was very anxious to try the stylus, as this was a very unique design. Using Noteability ($.99 80% off) my favorite note taking app the Jot Flip allowed me to see the letters I was writing through the clear plastic disc. I was amazed how clearly the stylus wrote and how much this stylus felt like a pen. The other neat feature of this stylus is its magnetic body that adheres to your iPad- no more rolling styluses. The pen side can twist to disappear into the stylus.

Aponyo Flip Stylus pen $19.95 made by Kosella- this is a less expensive pen and stylus combination. The stylus tip is also a different tip than the other rubber stylus tips. The tip is a fabric patented conductive tip that glides nicely on the iPad. This tip works well with apps such Paper by Fifty-three Free. It has the ability to work as an artist's brush. The Aponyo tip works for note taking but is bit too thick feeling more like a marker than a pen.

Nuscribe 2 in 1 $19.99 made by NewerTechnology- this stylus also the 2 in 1 combination is a lightweight pen with a small rubber tip. The pen disappears when you twist the barrel of the pen so you do not get ink all over you hand. The rubber stylus tip glides nicely with note taking apps and moves pages well in the iBooks and Kindle app. If you are looking for a slim lightweight stylus this may be the choice for you.

Choosing hardware for the iPad is more difficult than choosing what color iPad to purchase. I do know the 2 in 1 stylus makes life more convenient. The other considerations are personal. Do you need a weighted stylus? Are you an artist? Do you like a slim line pen? It's great to have choices! Steve Jobs was against the stylus it seems the public wants a stylus. It just isn't natural to write with your finger. If you are an educator you want your students to transfer the handwriting apps to paper. Using a stylus students learn how to hold a pen. Now with a 2 in 1 you can transfer the skill just by turning the stylus upside down- just make sure you have a piece of paper to write on!

Vicki Windman is a Special Education Teacher at Clarkstown High School South.

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