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Tech & Learning | August 7, 2012

iPad Hardware for the Classroom: NuGuard GripStand/GripBase 2 Bundle

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Is your district deciding what extras to buy for its iPads? Here are few nifty gadgets that can enhance the use of the iPad and keep it safe and user-friendly.

Nuguard Grip Bundle $59.99  These items can be purchased separately: Nuguard Gripstand- $34.99 and NuGuard Gripbase $19.99- You can also purchase them for the iPad 2 or 3.

The Gripstand is a great item for protecting your iPad as it sits in a protective shell with a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner. The circular handle can be used to hold your iPad. Best of all, the Gripstand allows you to stand your iPad up, providing an eye level gaze when working on your iPad. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard $69.99, you can create a great workstation. This is particularly important for students who are hypotonic (lacking normal tone or tension). It would also be helpful for students with visual impairments and cerebral palsy. The Gripbase enhances the Gripstand as it allows you to move the iPad adjustable viewing angles in landscape or portrait modes, along with 360° rotation. The wide, weighted design ensures the GripBase will remain stationary on a desk even in high traffic. This is especially nice if you are in a class with limited iPads. It would allow students to work in a group, adjusting the view as needed. It also aligns with Anchor Standard CCR Speaking and Listening K-5.

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