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TechHive | December 1, 2012

Hands-on with nine pairs of touchscreen gloves

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NuTouch's gloves feature a special conductive fiber, silver nylon, woven into all the fingertips so the gloves will work with any touchscreen including smartphones, personal gaming systems, GPS units, ebooks, and ATMs. The rest of the gloves are constructed from cotton, rayon, and spandex. While they are extremely soft and comfortable—again, feeling just like a regular pair of gloves—they're only available in a charcoal color. Also, because fibers can only be woven so thick before the silver will no longer register, they're not the thickest option—fine if you're in California, but perhaps a drawback if you're in Minnesota. NuTouch does point out that the gloves can be used as liners as well, but that somewhat diminishes the purpose of buying gloves you can use with your touchscreen.

Using handsets with the NuTouch gloves on was pleasant: My hands felt very comfortable, and the gloves had no trouble sweeping around the screen, selecting apps and menu items, pinching to zoom, or navigating maps. Texting went very well, not only was I able to send messages with a minimum of errors, I was even able to pick up speed while typing in landscape mode. Likewise, I was impressed by my Duck Hunt scores, where I hit over 85 percent of the ducks including a few perfect rounds.

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