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Technology X | October 28, 2014

Newertech Wireless Aluminum Keypad Review

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Did you purchase one of the new 5K iMac's and are eagerly awaiting to dig in and frolic in incredible graphics and fluidity with OS X Yosemite? We know we sure would! But are you a fan of the number pad found to the right of your keyboard? Easily punch in numbers and calculations without even thinking. Well the iMac's only come equipped with the bluetooth keyboard that does not feature the number pad … uh oh!
Wireless Keypad
Taking a look through the Apple online store, the only thing you can find is the wired Apple Keyboard with the numeric keypad … that throws your bluetooth out the window! NewerTech is here to help you out with this one, with the Wireless Aluminum Keypad.
Keypad box
The wireless keypad, with its precision aluminum housing looks, feels and handles just like the provided Apple Wireless Keyboard, which is incredible. We have handled other numeric keypads previously at various events, but nothing even compares to the NewerTech Keypad, it actually feels like it should tag along with Apple's Keyboard!
Keypad Side
To make life easier to tag along, NewerTech included a small, yet ingenious, bracket that lets you connect your NewerTech numeric keypad to the Apple Wireless Keyboard.
Keypad Keyboard
The numeric keypad features a 28-Key design with delete, tab, and navigational keys for easy maneuvering. We can only imagine how much easier this will make life when working in a spreadsheet!
Wireless Aluminum Keypad
To go one step further, the numeric keypad is compatible with Mac or PC with Bluetooth, iPhone 3Gs or newer, iPod touch 3rd generation or newer. You can basically use this with any device that is compatible with bluetooth. To connect the wirless numerical keypad to your Mac, it is just as easy as any Apple Keyboard or Magic Mouse. We have included the OWC easy setup video to help get you started. The version shown in the video below features black keys, rather than the white ones found with the Apple Wireless Keyboard.
The wireless numeric keypad is powered off of two AAA batteries, and requires extremely little power to function. Meaning you can use this device for hours on end without the worry of having to be replacing the batteries every other day.
Wireless Aluminum Keypad bottom
You can purchase the NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad from the OWC store for $49.00, which is cheaper than the $55 wired Apple keyboard with the numerical pad.


The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad is truly a remarkable accessory for your new iMac or any computer for that matter. It is sleek, gorgeous and functional. Really, what more could you want. You can purchase the wireless keypad for less then that of the Apple wired keyboard and numerical keypad. We would like to point out that there are other numerical keypads available, that do run a little less than the NewerTech, but none of which we have seen are nearly as high of quality as the NewerTech numeric keypad.
Wireless Aluminum Keypad top
It's for their ingenious design and functionality that we award NewerTech with our Gold Seal of Approval!
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Wireless Aluminum Keypad Overview

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