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Technology X | November 11, 2014

NewerTech Power2U Dual USB Wall Outlet Review - Never Be Stuck With A Dead Battery Again!

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In today's world, for some, the hardest thing may be to go a few hours without that device in your pocket. You know, that iPhone or Blackberry that keeps buzzing? But what happens when the buzzing ends, and your constantly stuck looking for the power cube to plug your USB cable into? Especially with the launch of the new iPad Air 2, what will you do if you can't find your 12W USB adapter? A cell phone and iPad without any connection to the outside world ... devastation!
Power2U box
We jest of course, obviously not being able to charge your device is not the next apocalypse, or at least it shouldn't be. There are scenarios though where that charger may be imperative, maybe its an anxious family awaiting the news that there is a new member to be welcomed to the family, and the news is coming over a FaceTime call. How easy would it be if you could just take your USB cable and plug it directly into the power outlet in the wall? Thanks to NewerTech it really is as simple as it sounds ... take a look!

NewerTech Power2U 15 AMP Wall Outlet

Found between the two regular power outlets, you will find two USB Charging Ports, that can accommodate an output of 2.5A. The positioning of the USB ports still allow you to charge your USB equipped devices without having to worry about the electrical outlets becoming useless. Thus, giving you the potential to charge four devices at a single point in time.
NewerTech Power2U
The Power2U is available in 15 or 20 amp, depending on your electrical circuit. The 20 amp model makes the Power2U a perfect idea for any commercial building, restaurant, or even educational facility. The slim profile of the Power2U makes it appear like any other electrical outlet. The images below showcase either side of the Power2U and the available power inputs.
Power2U Top
Installation can be very easy with the use of the NewerTech's installation video, the Power2U can be installed in as little as 20 minutes! We have added the video here for your convenience, it really is quite simple.
We ran into one small problem while installing the Power2U. One of the first steps of the installation is to ensure that that Power2U will fit in the receptacle you plan to install the Power2U into. Throughout our house, we didn't have a single receptacle that fit the Power2U. We went out and bought the appropriately sized receptacle to make installation easier. One piece of advice when installing is to make sure that you measure the receptacle to save yourself a lot of time and headache.
Power2U Installed
Even better yet, when the USB ports are not in use, the shutters close on the USB ports, which also switches them off to prevent the unnecessary energy draw, or better known as Vampire energy draw. The Power2U is available in four different colours: White, Ivory, Almond and Black. They can currently be purchased from the OWC website for as little as $22.50, but if you're looking to purchase in bulk, there is better pricing available. Each Power2U features one year of NewerTech's limited warranty.


When it comes to charging your precious device, you really can't go wrong with the NewerTech Power2U. It is incredibly easy to install, quickly charges your devices and it doesn't take away any of your electrical outlets. Just be careful when picking the outlet you are planning on installing the Power2U into, by making sure that the Power2U will fit. That is the only thing we would have liked to have seen with the Power2U, is a trim down allowing it to universally fit in all receptacles. We did take a look through the hardware store to see if there were other options for USB outlets and to our surprise there were much smaller outlets at near half the price. The exception was the curtains to hide the USB ports and eliminate unnecessary energy draw. That alone could save your more of your hard-earned money than the added cost of the Power2U over the other outlets.
Power2U with iPhone
The Power2U is perfect for any home, office or business! When you consider the price tag, and how many power cubes you may have had to purchase, the cost of the Power2U is worth every penny! It's for their ingenious design and functionality that we award NewerTech with our Editor's Choice Award!
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