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Technology X | April 21, 2015

NuGuard Kinetic Energy X-Orbing iPhone 5 Case Review

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Choosing an appropriate case for your smartphone can be one of the toughest challenges one can fast in regards to purchasing a new device. Do you need one? If so, how do you care for your device? If you are prone to accidental drops, then a case is highly encouraged. Today we are looking at the Newertech Nuguard KX iPhone 5 case, one in which recently survived a fall of 131 feet!
It should be noted that the surface the iPhone is landing on may be a bit softer than that of a concrete floor, but it is still impressive to see that this iPhone survived such a drop.

When we received the Nuguard KX we where surprised how slim and light weight it was. This military grade case featured X-Orbing technology which is designed to allow for greater impact and falls. Going one step further, unlike other durable case manufacturers, the Nuguard KX is only one piece, you do not need to fit it together in a rubber holding then into a plastic shell.
KX Case Front and Back
With this, there is easy access to each button and port, as well as speakers and the microphone located on the bottom of the device.
When looking at Newertech’s webpage, you can see that there are ten possible different color schemes you could choose for your device, however some of which are restricted to iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s.
We had dropped ours from about hip height on to concrete. We found that it bounced a bit and landed on the back. When we picked up the device we realized how fantastic this case was. It was like it was never dropped!
KX Case Back
This snug fitting case is an excellent choice for protecting your iPhone 4 to 6 plus! It does not add bulk or weight to your phone and has a sleek look to it. From OWC’s store, you can pick up the Nuguard KX case ranging from $25 to $39, depending on your iPhone model. A quick look on Amazon shows that this case is available for $15! A steal for such a fantastic case! The Nuguard KX case is not your typical case for having all this protection! We proudly award Newertech with our Silver Seal of Approval!
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