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The Real Geeks Tech | September 19, 2012

NewerTech NuGuard GripStand3/GripBase Bundle Review

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NuGuard Gripstand 3 with Gripbase

Like all technophiles, I have a huge pile of accessories that I have accumulated for my various tech toys and most of them have one thing in common…they can do one thing and one thing only. The NuGuard GripStand 3 / GripBase Bundle from Newer Technology is a true multipurpose tool for the New iPad and we out it to the test recently here at TRG.

This bundle is made up of two products that you can purchase from Newer Technologies, although the discounted price and flexibility of the bundle is definitely a better deal. We'll take a look at each the products separately and then see how they work together.

NuGuard GripStand 3:

NuGuard Gripstand 3

The Newer Technology GripStand 3 is a multipurpose tool for your Apple New iPad 3rd Generation. The GripStand 3 is made from a hard plastic protective shell that we felt held out iPad snugly and did not allow for movement inside the case. The interior of the shell is a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner that grips the iPad and is contoured to fit all of the edges, leaving room of course for all of the switches and ports. What makes the GripStand special is the multipurpose 'stand' or loop that is on the rear of the case. This handle can be removed easily by squeezing two spring loaded clips on either side and simply pulling it out or rotating it to a different angle. The flexibility of the handle (it can be rotated 360°) and ability to position it at nearly any angle makes this particular case different from others we have tested.

More importantly for me was the ability to use the stand and handle as a hand grip as I use my iPad to teach classes with and have had several instances in the past where I was close to dropping my iPad as I was walking around the classroom. The handle made me feel secure in moving about with my iPad and then when I wanted to rest it I could quickly adjust the handle to make a stand. I also like the fact that GripStand has the cutouts to allow the user to keep their Apple SmartCover on while using it.

NuGuard Gripstand 3 with Headrest Mount

The GripStand 3 also includes a nylon, Velcro strap to be able to mount the GripStand to a vehicle headrest for easy viewing in the rear seat.

NuGuard Gripbase:

NuGuard Gripbase

Newer Technologies says that the GripBase can turn the Apple iPad into a desktop workstation when used in conjunction with the NuGuard GripStand. This pedestal accessory has spring loaded clips that fit securely into the slots on the back of the GripStand shell and allows for easier viewing of your iPad in fully adjustable viewing angles in landscape or portrait modes. The weighted base makes sure that the stand will not tip over, even if you try to make it do so (and we did!). We have looked at similar accessories that can turn iPads into 'kiosks' that have cost up to five times what the MSRP of this device is ($19.99), and we think the quality of the GripBase is every bit as good, if not better, than others that cost much more.

NuGuard Gripstand 3 with Gripbase

The Bundle & Our Rating:

With a MSRP of $59.99 this bundle is a phenomenal deal, especially for those who could use it in a classroom environment. The products works beautifully together and there are so many different ways you can use them to view your iPad and make it accessible. More surprising is that we found this bundle for only $39.99 at Other World Computing with a one year warranty AND a 30 day money back guarantee. We highly recommend these products to anyone who uses their iPad on the go and would like to be able to have a multipurpose accessory to allow for easy surfing, video watching or even carrying around. We give it a 9 out of 10 stars for functionality and a 10 out of 10 stars on the price!

You can learn more about this bundle and other Newer Technologies products by visiting their website at You can also check out the review we did of another NewerTech product here.

We want to thanks the folks over at Newer Technologies for sending us the bundle to review, however that does change our thoughts or opinions on the product.

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