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The Real Geeks | February 28, 2013

Review: NuGuard KX case for iPhone 5

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When you wander the halls of the International CES, you are almost certain to see from pretty crazy things; things you would never think of doing with your own devices. When I walked past the Newer Technology booth at CES, I saw people throwing their phones on the ground and when it landed on the carpet, they picked it back up and intentionally threw it on the concrete. Normally, I would try to run as far away as possible, but I was intrigued. This product we got shown is the NuGuard KX for iPhone (currently available for the 5 and the 4/4S).

Today, we'll be taking a look at the NuGuard KX and seeing if it really is a case that protects your device without being horrendously bulky.


NuGuard KX

The case, from the outside, looks like your average rubber case, but it's a little bit (more like a lotta bit) more than that. Inside the case, you'll find a soft lining that NewerTech is calling X-Orbing gel, which is supposed to offer the best protection from substantial (tall, hard, etc.) drops. On the exterior, it comes in eight different color combinations and on the back, you have a textured pattern with an engraved NuGuard KX logo. You will also find a camera cut out, openings for the speakers, Lightning port, microphone, and headphone jack. The buttons have that rubber button coverings that don't let you press the actual buttons, but I personally don't like this feature because I like getting a satisfying “click” sound in return, but the rubber mutes the sound.


NuGuard KX

Obviously, we aren't able to test the case under any kind of extreme conditions, but Newer Technology has and has showed us proof. For example, they went up on top of a local wind turbine and sent the KX (with iPhone 5 inside) plummeting to the ground in what seemed like a phone homicide mission. However, the phone miraculously survived to make another phone call due to the X-Orbing gel. Now, while the gel does protect your device from serious drops, it may not protect it as well from mediocre drops because the gel might not have time to fully prepare for impact. The other thing that this case can't do that most protective cases do is protect from water, dust, sand, etc. and the glass screen won't receive any kind of protection from the case. This case should work with most screen protectors, but nothing is included with the case, so scratching of the screen is a possibility.


Overall when looking at everything the NuGuard KX has to offer, if you are a person who is pretty clumsy and your phone often goes hurdling towards the ground at high(er) speeds or from tall heights, this case is a pretty good bet for you. The case does retail for $50, and that puts it about on-par with similar cases that even offer a little bit more protection, so really, this case is going to be for you if you are clumsy. Period. This case offers some serious protection that you will really be satisfied with if your phone does accidentally slip out of your hands (because, admit it, it does happen every once and a while).


If you would like to pick up a NuGuard KX of your own, visit where they retail for $50

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