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The Mac Observer | April 11, 2014

NuGreen LED Lamp Lights Up Your Desk Using Just 3.6 Watts

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I'm kind of a nut for LED lights. They produce less waste heat than incandescent bulbs and use less power than a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb, both excellent features in a light source.

A few years ago, I bought one of the early LED desk lamps on the market, and it was a huge disappointment. It was modern looking—minimalist, fancy, even—but it didn't offer very much illumination, especially for how much I spent on it.

Other World Computing changed things, though, when the company sent me NuGreen, an LED desk lamp produced under its NewerTechnology brand. You can tell that the technology has matured considerably, because this lamp is bright, produces a beautiful light, and it does so using just 3.6 watts of power.
NuGreen Lamp
See How Well This Lamp Illuminates the Rat's Nest on My Desk?
3.6 watts of power? Are you kidding me? That's a small fraction of what an incandescent bulb burns, and it's even less than a CFL lamp. That means you can light your Mac's work space well using very little power without compromising on the quality of that light. Giddy up!


NuGreen is made in China, but the device is well made. The light comes from a cluster of LED bulbs that are housed in a flat aluminum disk with a brushed metal finish. That disk is at the end of a flexible gooseneck stem that is 16-inches long, and that neck is attached to a heavy base with the same brushed metal finish.
NuGreen Lamp
The NuGreen Lamp Head
It's easy to angle the disk in whatever direction you need, and the gooseneck is easily bent and retains its shape. These add to the lamp's versatility: you can focus the light on the surface of your desk or angle it up to reflect off a wall for some soft ambient lighting.

The switch is located at the base of the gooseneck stem. Well, I say switch, but it's a ring of metal. Touch the ring anywhere and the light turns on or off. A soft red circle lets you find the lamp in the dark without it itself being bright enough to illuminate your room.
NuGreen Lamp
The Switch Is the Big Circle of Metal Underneath the Red Light Ring

Like I said, I'm a nut for LEDs and am keen on saving power in my house. For $54.99 (Amazon Link), you can light up your Mac's work space, light it well, and do so using just 3.6 watts of power. I love that. So very, very much.

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