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The Mac Observer | January 19, 2015

NuGuard KX Case for iPhone 6: Substantial Protection at Great Price

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NuGuard KX for iPhone 6
The NewerTech NuGuard KX case for iPhone 6 features a two layer energy absorbing shell that's still thin and light and yet meets the U.S. military drop test standard. Included is a three layer screen armor that's only 0.28 mm thick. The grip is excellent, and the Apple logo is revealed. I think this is a great case.


First, the technical details. The Nuguard KX case for iPhone 6 weighs 1.43 ounces (40.4 grams). It increases the thickness of the iPhone + case to about a half-inch (12.5 mm). While meeting the military drop test standard, MIL-STD-810G, it's one of the easiest cases to install and remove that I've ever tested. That's because the material used, X-Orbing gel, feels thick, but it's light and pliable.

Available colors are red, black, blue and midnight. (Teaser shows midnight. My review unit is red.)

Using the Product

I liked many things about this case. It seemed to press all my buttons. (And I, it.)

1. Opinions and needs vary, but I am fussy about having the Apple logo show through via a circular aperture. Some case designs don't allow for that feature, but this one does. Thumbs up.
iPhone Camera
Back: showing camera aperture, Apple logo aperture and textured surface.
2. This case has a blackened area around the camera port to absorb reflections. Not all cases have this. I appreciate it when I see it.

3. Despite the extra thickness compared to some of the thinner polycarbonate cases, it still fit nicely inside my belt holster.

4. There is a styled, textured surface on the back and around the sides that makes this case especially easy to grip. And yet, that grippy surface didn't impede movement in and out of my belt holster. The same goes for when I experimented with it in my new Briggs & Riley murse (travel bag) which has inner pockets.

5. The case has an inner felt-like material that's soft. The pliable edges make it really easy to remove this case, yet there's little chance of the iPhone coming out. Especially robust is the cushioning around the edges of the display. It invites you to place the iPhone face down with confidence.
Case Confidence
Extra large, soft edges allow placing face down with confidence.
6. There is a first-class "Screen Armor" included that you'll probably want to take the time to install. It has three layers, yet is only 0.28 mm thick. The three layers provide for: 1) physical protection, 2) energy absorption and a 3) self-adhesion layer—making it possible to reapply. NewerTech says this screen armor doesn't affect the iPhone display's touch sensitivity or clarity. There's a pretty good installation kit included that has an alcohol pad, cleaning cloth and a dust removal "sticker."

7. The price is exceptional. Some cases, it seems, are so highly thought of by the developer that the price seems almost stratospheric. As if price always equals quality. This case is modestly priced considering the protection it provides.

8. The NewerTech packaging, as always, is first class. There is a 30-day, risk free, money back guarantee and the is a lifetime warranty on the product. If it ever breaks, you get a new one.
NewerTech KX Case for Apple iPhone
Screen Armor instructions and kit shown on left.
While I don't intentionally drop my iPhones on a hard surface to test cases, in my judgment, this material feels like it's going to absorb energy in the fashion described.


The only negative I could find for this case is that it's just a little on the tough side to press the sleep/wake and the volume buttons. It's a real art to make the case solid and tough, and yet make those buttons easy to push through the case material. Few cases strike a good balance, leaning towards being hard to push.

This is not an especially beautiful or elegant looking case. It's serious about its protection and functionality, but if you're looking for extreme fashion, perhaps at the expense of protection, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Do I Recommend It?

I do and with enthusiasm. This cases meets all my standards for an iPhone 6 case, and I like it so much, I'm going to make it my number one for routine use. Being easy to get on and off, yet providing great protection encourages that. Bottom line: a great product from a great company at a great price.


[UPDATE: 20 Jan 2015. Other World Computing has responded to one item in my review regarding the stiffness of the button covers.

We have found that occasionally, some users have encountered this. But moving the phone around in the case a bit usually help find the sweet spot. We have also found that with a little bit of use, the button functions respond to touch better. I have been using a KX case for my iPhone 4S for a long time, and found that any initial resistance disappeared very quickly.]
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