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NewerTech's NuGuard KX iPad Air sleeve: Perfect for throwing your tablet down the stairs

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NewerTech NuGuard KX
Most people won't intentionally throw their new iPad Air down a stairwell, but it's comforting to know that if they wanted to, there's a case that could protect the tablet from damage. NewerTech's NuGuard KX case for the iPad Air (US$49.00) provides video proof (see below) that it's going to keep your Air pretty well protected in case of an accidental drop.
The NuGuard KX uses a tough outer shell with a soft gel material inside, providing your iPad Air not only helmet-like protection against drops and hits, but absorbing and distributing the shock so that it's not damaged. The protection doesn't add much in terms of weight, with the case weighing only 6.7 ounces (189.9 grams). Likewise, it adds just .3" (7.6 mm) to the thickness of the svelte iPad Air, although that is actually doubling the thickness of the entire iPad/case assembly over the unprotected Air.

The NuGuard KX comes in only one color, referred to as "darkness." It also comes with a lifetime warranty, although that warranty does not include coverage for damage to your iPad -- just the case.
NuGuard KX
NuGuard KX
NuGuard KX
NuGuard KX
NuGuard KX
Installing the NuGuard KX onto an iPad Air was quite easy; sometimes similar one-piece sleeves like this can be a real chore to install. The patterned back provides an extra grippy surface to hold onto. The screen isn't protected in the NuGuard KX, so you'll still need to make sure that you don't drop the iPad Air onto rocks or other protruding surface that can shatter the display.

The iPad Air is so nice and slim that it's great to see that NewerTech took the time and effort to make a sleeve that protects your investment very well, but doesn't add so much bulk that it detracts from the design of your tablet.

While it's rather plain, NewerTech's NuGuard KX sleeve provides an impressive amount of protection to your iPad Air. The X-Orbing gel material inside the case does a very good job of absorbing everyday drops and bumps, keeping your tablet in one piece.

  • Quite thin and lightweight
  • Does an impressive job of protecting your iPad Air
  • Easily installed or removed
  • Reasonably priced at just $49.00 on OWC's website (ignore the $89.95 price tag shown on the NewerTech site)
  • Doesn't protect the screen
  • Only one color, black. We'll expect the Realtree camo and pink versions next year, NewerTech...
Who is it for?
  • Anyone who wants serious protection for their iPad Air without a lot of weight, thickness and cost

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