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Under The Radar | October 6, 2014

Fix Your iMac With a NewerTech Keypad

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The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad corrects a major Apple error: the elimination of the numeric keypad from its wireless keyboard a few years back. They still sell as wired keyboard with a keypad, but that severely limits where you can position yourself at your computer. The NewerTech retails for $54.95, matches the Apple wireless keyboard and does a great job.
Aluminum Keypad
So, who should care about this?
  1. Anyone who spends a lot of time working in spreadsheets
  2. Anyone who's obsessed with entering tracking their finances in Quicken
  3. Anyone who's got a Mac Mini or other computer connected to a TV screen and likes to work from the sofa
  4. Home recording enthusiasts. Amateur ProTools users will love the keyboard shortcuts that can only be accessed from a numeric keypad.
Keypad Side
It looks just like the Apple wireless keyboard when you view it from the side.
The NewTech keypad also comes with a white plastic piece that lets you connect the keypad to a keyboard and use them as a single unit. It's easy to connect and it doesn't fall apart in normal use.

This might seem like a boring, "so what?" kind of device, but it's in reality a fantastic solution for anyone who hasn't upgraded from a crusty old Apple wireless keyboard because the new ones don't have a keypad or feels constricted by the wired version. It's a simple solution to a real problem.

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