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Vida Digital | October 16, 2014

NewerTech KPA28BTW Bluetooth Numeric Pad

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REVIEW: NewerTech KPA28BTW Bluetooth Numeric Pad

The product Apple forgot to design
Rarely comes into our hands a device like this, it seems such a smart idea and well executed one imagines it was originally designed by Apple. The NewerTech Aluminum Bluetooth Numeric Pad complements any Mac desktop in a simple, economical and effective way.
M9270LL Digital Life
M9270LL - Original Apple Bluetooth keyboard
The keypad that many missed
Although Apple wired keyboards have had keypad, the last wireless keyboard to have this functionality dating from 2003; the M9270LL model came with some of the first iMac LCD was a favorite of users, to the point that even today sells for between US $ 35 collectors (used) and $ 200 (new).

Convenience to capture numerical data
Although the general public thinks of Apple equipment as ideal for graphic arts, music and other creative industries, the fact is that for more than a decade has become a useful platform for offices of all kinds. Through applications like Microsoft Excel and Apple counterpart - Numbers - you can handle numerical data such as in other platforms. Likewise, Apple computers are frequently used in business applications, CRM, scientific and others. In these cases, alternative keyboard or full keyboard wireless keyboard wired "Summary" which comes standard with desktops is reduced.

The alternative: NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Pad
The uniform design has allowed Apple over the years the development of interesting accessories; We came from MacSales / OtherWorldComputing a recent issue of this device for our assessment and we can tell you that it works, like other Apple devices, as it should be. The installation was a matter of seconds, as you can see in the video below:

Bluetooth compatibility
Although the specifications speak of specific equipment (Mac, OSX, etc.) note that as Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with all devices we tested - Android tablets, mobile phones, etc. - Allowing the rapid entry of numeric data in a range of devices. Even we tried with an iPad connected to a physical keyboard, which perfectly complements the original Apple keyboard.
IPad Wireless keyboard with Aluminum Pad - Digital Life
IPad Wireless keyboard with Aluminum Pad
If we want to create an extended keyboard can connect an included plastic adapter that connects the keypad to traditional wireless keyboard; thus it can be handled like one piece.
NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Keypad with Apple Digital Life
NewerTech Wireless Keypad with Apple Aluminum Keyboard
For those who have to manage accounting, numerical or statistical data on a Mac, this is an accessory that can not miss on your desktop. Even for users of other devices - laptops, tablets, etc. - It is a smart, useful and consistent high quality keypad. Hopefully soon distributed in our region; by the time you buy it will play in USA through MacSales for $ 49 plus shipping.
10 out of 10

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