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Winnipeg Free Press | September 6, 2015

Life & Style Wired: Don't cheap out on charging cables

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Don't cheap out on charging cables

LIKE many others, I've learned the hard way a wire is not a wire. In this case, I'm referring to charging cables for the pile of portable gadgets we all have.

The USB cord that comes with the device is great and works fine. But we all want and need extras, and I've fallen victim to several deals to buy extra cables that end up not working.

A longtime work associate from Other World Computing (OWC)/NewerTech has persuaded me to stop buying cheap cables in order to keep them out of "yesterday's cable drawer," which in my case is a large box.

Think of how important these cables are to your daily life, and you'll see the necessity of having OWC/NewerTech's top-quality cables.

They come in all sizes and colours, with all the necessary connectors (Lightning, micro-USB, Thunderbolt) on the opposite end of the standard USB connection.

I'm a believer, and, as my associate mentioned to me, I'm trying to help my readers save money by buying the cables only once.

DETAILS: Prices vary based on the type and length (for example, a one-metre black Thunderbolt cable is US$29.99);

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