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Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter

HDMI Cable
High-Quality HDMI 1.4a cables 480i, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 3D capable
HDMI Cables
– Feature gold-plated connectors and copper connectors.
– Durable yet flexible nylon-braded sheath.
– Incredible audio and video resolution.
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HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

The video quality you expect from HDMI and equally high-quality audio in one cable!
Get incredible audio and video resolution with NewerTech's HDMI cable. The cable is high speed and Ethernet enabled. See colors the way you were intended to see them while taking advantage of high-resolution audio formats and surround sound. The NewerTech HDMI 1.4a Digital Audio/Video Cable brings speed, power and clarity to your audio and video in one durable cable.
2K and 4K Resolutions
These HDMI 1.4a digital audio/video cables support both 2K and 4K resolutions, which provide far more clarity than standard 1080p HDTV. HDMI 1.4a can help make images on your monitor or TV sharper and more realistic than ever.
3D Support
High-speed bandwidth to support 3D video without any "sparkle" noise or other issues that plague lower-bandwidth cables.
The HDMI Ethernet Channel
This cable is Ethernet enabled so you don't need an extra cable in order to access other Ethernet enabled devices.
Audio Return Channel
The Audio Return Channel in HDMI 1.4a enables a TV to send audio data "upstream" to a surround audio controller or A/V receiver via a single cable. This eliminates the need for a separate S/PDIF audio connection.
A Wider Spectrum of Colors
HDMI 1.4 supports "deep color," allowing you to tap into a huge palette of colors, making your images sharper and more vibrant.
Super Efficient and Super Tough
These HDMI 1.4 cables have a tough but flexible nylon net jacket that protects the cable while allowing it to be placed however you may need it. The body of the cable is metal for added protection that you cannot get with a plastic jacket. The connection heads are gold-plated, preventing tarnishing and increasing the connector's lifespan. The connection head itself is made of copper, which is a fantastic conductor. These cables provide optimal form and function.
Cable Lengths
  • 3 feet (0.91 meters)
  • 6 feet (1.8 meters)
  • 10 feet (3.0 meters)
  • 15 feet (4.57 meters)
In-Wall Rated
  • Yes
  • High Speed HDMI w/ Ethernet
  • HDMI Certified: Yes
  • Category 2 Certified: Yes
  • DVD Audio
  • SACD
  • Dolby True HD
  • DTS HD Master Audio
  • HDMI A Connectors
Speed Rating
  • High Speed HDMI cable
  • 480i, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 3D capable
  • Up to 340 Mhz (10.2 Gbps)