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NuVue Anti-Glare Protector

NuVue Anti-Glare Protector
Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone Improve your view by reducing glare
NuVue Anti-Glare Protector
– Precision-cut-fit for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S / iPhone SE
– Smudge resistant screen protector (2 pack)
– Peel-and-stick easy to install
– Protects screen and keeps it scratch-free
  • Scratch Resistant
    Scratch Resistant
  • Bubble Free Appearance
    Bubble Free Appearance
  • Reduces Fingerprints
    Reduces Finger-
  • Waterless Install
    Waterless Install
  • Waterless Install
    Anti -Glare
  • Reduces Eye Strain
    Reduces Eye Strain
  • Decreased Surface Tension
    Decreased Surface Tension
  • Form Fitting Edges
    Form Fitting Edges
NuVue Anti-Glare

NuVue Anti-Glare

Improve your view by reducing glare.

Save your screen and your eyes with the NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector from NewerTech! Made of durable multilayer optical-grade adhesive film, the NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector will install in seconds and can be easily removed, leaving no residue. It even includes surface preparation materials to easily remove any fingerprints or smudges and a clear film to protect the back side of the iPhone.
  • Protects screen and keeps it scratch-free
  • Reduces fingerprints
  • Dust resistant
  • Bubble free application
  • Precision-cut-fit for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S / iPhone SE
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Improves viewing ease in bright light settings
  • Complete front and back surface protection
  • Decreased surface tension - gaming is easier!
NuVue Anti-Glare
  • NewerTech NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector (2 Pack)
  • Clear Back Protector
  • Microfiber wipe for fingerprint, smudge, and initial lint/dust removal.
  • Sticky sheets for effortless, scratch-free final lint/dust removal.
Installation Guide:

Step 1. Make sure there are no fans blowing in the room and let any dust settle from people movement for five minutes before starting the project.

Step 2. Begin preparing your iPhone screen surface using a lint free wipe and solution kit similar to this: Clean and Polish Kit

Step 3. Obtain a ruler, credit card, Post-It note pad, or other stiff, small, and straight edged object to assist in applying the protective film.

Step 4. Start applying the protective film at the home button end of the iPhone and gently work from that bottom upwards. DO NOT peel the protective film from the sheet it comes shipped on until it's near the edge of the surface of the glass. That keeps any contaminants from statically clinging to the screen protector.

Step 5. Work any bubbles from the center to the edge using your sourced straight edged object.

Step 6. Take care not to create any fingerprints on the edge of the protective film by not touching that surface edge.
This product is compatible with...
iPhone 5s
iPhone SE
(March 2016)
16GB, 64GB
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5S
(Sept 2013)
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
(Sept 2013)
16GB, 32GB
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
(Sept 2012)
16GB, 32GB, 64GB