Snuglet MagSafe 2 Upgrade - The tiny solution that always keeps you going
Stay Connected. Stay Happy. Get Snuglet.  The tiny solution that always keeps you charging.  Snuglet MagSafe 2 Upgrade - Precision machined to aerospace tolerances
- Prevents unwanted cable detachment
- Safely releases when needed
- Installs in seconds and stays installed
The Snuglet bridges the gap between reliable, secure charging and quick safe detachment on your laptop. NewerTech Lifetime Limited Warranty
"It's amazing. It's like the good old days!" — David Pogue, Tech columnist, The New York Times.

Snuglet MagSafe 2 Upgrade

The Secret is in the Engineering
The MagSafe 2 is great at protecting your precious Apple laptop from accidental falls, but it can disconnect too easily. Working on the go, watching movies in bed, or the pitfalls of a chaotic desk can all mean that your power cable accidentally disconnects without you noticing, leaving you surprised with a dead battery.

Snuglet is the deceptively simple, tiny solution. A precision engineered ring that fits inside the MagSafe 2 connector on your Apple laptop increases the strength of the magnetic contact so your power cable stays connected whenever you need it to, but still releases safely when it should. It never interferes with insertion or removal and it stays installed so you’ll never worry about your power cord again.
  • Compatible with all new Apple laptops that have the MagSafe 2 connector.
  • Includes all MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display models purchased after June 2012.
  • Also tested and compatible with the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter.
  • Machined to aerospace tolerance levels of less than half the diameter of a human hair.
  • Installs quickly and resides inside your MagSafe 2 connector without accidentally falling out.
  • Easy to remove for reuse on another laptop.
  • Never interferes with the insertion or removal of the power cable.
  • Increased magnetic connection helps to prevent unintentional disconnects with power cable.
  • Each box includes 2 Snuglets and 1 removal tool.
  • NewerTech Lifetime Limited Warranty Register Here