NewerTech® : Warranty Registration Form

Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing a NewerTech product. Please supply us with the following information so that we may register your product as well as inform you of any important product/driver updates that might enable you to enjoy even greater functionality and use of your NewerTech product.
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Warranty coverage applies only to new, sealed products purchased from an Authorized NewerTech Dealer/Distributor and is based on the original date of purchase. Open box/display/evaluation unit warranty coverage based on date of dealer invoice.

If warranty service is required, every effort will be made to replace covered product with identical model. However, we reserve the right to make equal or better substitutions as needed.

Certain consumable type products (Nylon pry tool "Spudgers", Clean & Polish Kit, Microfiber Pro) have a limited lifetime and are not covered by any warranty term.

NOTE: Do not disassemble or otherwise open your product prior to the conclusion of the NewerTech warranty period. Doing so will void the remainder of the NewerTech warranty.