NuTouch Glove

NuTouch Glove

Type, tap, swipe, and scroll in the cold

NuTouch Gloves are the stylish and functional solution to keep your hands warm while using an iPhone, iPad or other touch screen device in cold weather.
– iPod, iPod touch and other digital music players
– iPhone and other smartphones
– iPad and laptop touchpads
– Personal gaming systems
– GPSs
– and many others!
only $19.99
NuVue Anti-Glare

NuVue Anti-Glare

Save your screen and your eyes with the NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector from NewerTech!
Made of durable multilayer optical-grade adhesive film, the NuVue Anti-Glare Screen Protector will install in seconds and can be easily removed, leaving no residue.
– Dust resistant
– Bubble free application
– Reduces fingerprints
– Reduces eye strain
For iPhone 5/5C/5S (2 Pack) only $14.99
For iPhone 4/4S (2 Pack) only $14.99
For iPhone 4/4S only $12.99
NuVue Anti-Glare
Window & Desk Stands for your iPhone
Sleek Device Stand


Use the iEcostand to display your device in landscape, portrait, or keypad mode, and it's open top ledge makes it easy to pickup and reposition your device with ease. Color Options:
Bamboo | Black Pine | Mahogany | Pine | Walnut
iEcostand 1st Gen only $17.95
iEcostand 2nd Gen only $17.95
Your iPhone... in view
NuCradle for the NuMount

NuCradle for the NuMount

The NuCradle adjusts itself to fit a wide variety of phones and mobile devices perfectly and securely. Now you can always have whatever device you're using at the moment conveniently located within fingertip reach.
only $19.95