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Monthly Computer Chronicle December 2013 | December 1, 2013

What's New (OWC Toolkit)

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OWC Toolkit

Other World Computing has created a toolkit just for us geeks! It's made for working with just about any computer or electronic device you may need to work on.

The case itself is rugged and closes with a zipper. The exterior is tough fabric that appears to be able to last for many years of hard use.

The included tools are these: 2 slotted screwdrivers, 2 Phillips head screwdrivers and 3 Torx drivers. This latter tool is for those fasteners that have a hole with inside flanges. There are 2 special-purpose tools which the Company calls "spudgers," nylon pry tools for opening those difficult to open but easy to scratch cases. Lastly, there are two grippers that are so useful for small pieces that can otherwise slip down into the works.

The interior of the case is padded with a space for each tool, so they don't slide around when the case is closed.

This is a really handy tool kit that you can slip into a side pocket for use out in the field.

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