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Products - External Storage Solutions
miniStack logoV2    
FireWire/USB2.0 Enclosure Kit with Integrated FW/USB Hubs.

Editors Choice MacAddict Rated Great! MacWorld 4 Mice MacWorld 4 Mice

500MB Copy Test. The miniStack drive is over 34% faster vs. task.*

*Test performed with 250GB miniStack solution with stock Mac mini
internal HD. Similar results with 80GB to 500GB models
NEW! FireWire and USB 2.0 ports on left side.
Rear View w/keys
1) Fan Exhaust Port
2) Connection Switch
3) Special micro security slot designed to allow the Newer Technology miniStack to be anchored to a desk
4) Smart Power Switch - Turn it off manually, or leave on and will power up and down in tandem with the computer.
5) Power Receptacle
6) Powered 3-Port USB Hub
7) USB Uplink Port
8) Powered 3 Port Firewire Hub
Smart interactive cooling system with thermal probe automatically regulating fan speed
Pre-Configured Solutions also include EMC Retrospect Backup and Intech HD Speedtools
Massive passive heat sink to radiate heat away from hard drive

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Add your own drive 0GB Kit!
The NewerTech miniStack V2 is also available as a 0GB KIT. Just add your own 3.5" hard drive to this stylish Hub and expand the overall capacity and ports on your sytem! Hub kit includes 2 FireWire 400 ports, 3 USB 2.0 ports, all cables, and a 1 Year NewerTech Warranty.

Fantastic Accessory! Fully portable! Works with any Mac!
Kit includes no software.
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NEW! 0GB Kit, hard drive utility/performance & backup software bundle included an estimated $200 value for only $84.95
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Get a Solution with a drive already installed!
Pre-Configured Solutions also include EMC Retrospect Backup and Intech HD Speedtools
80GB for $119.99
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160GB for $139.99
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250GB for $159.99
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320GB for $189.99
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400GB for $259.99
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500GB for $279.00
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NEW! 750GB for $495.00
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NEW! Original miniStack™ USB only drives also available