NEW! Wireless Keypad

Wireless Keypad

Precision machined aluminum

Precision machined aluminum housing with quick setup.

The Wireless Bluetooth Keypad is the workhorse addition to a clutter-free, wireless workspace. A precision machined, aluminum housing design, with comfortable, wide-spaced island keys makes the NewerTech Keypad the perfect companion to the Apple wireless keyboard, laptops, iPhone, and iPad. only $54.95
Wireless Keypad White US
Power2U The NewerTech Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices.
  • Two full-power USB ports to charge mobile devices
  • Fully UL-listed
  • NEC compliant tamper-resistant
  • Easy DIY installation with OWC's step-by-step video guide
Power2U Universal Fit NEW 15 Amp
Universal fit only $29.99
Power2U 15 Amp
  Power2U only $29.99
Power2U 20 Amp
Power2U only $39.99
NuGuard Snap-On Black NEW! NuGuard Snap-On Laptop Cover for
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro with Retina display
from $17.99 NuGuard Snap-On Colors
One tool to rule them all. Works with: Hard Drives, SSDs, and Optical Drives Universal Drive Adapter The "Swiss Army Knife" of disk connectivity turns any bare drive into an external storage solution.
USB 3.0 & 2.0 only $39.99
USB UDA Carrying Case USB UDA Carrying Case Take your adapter with
drive on the go!
only $4.95
ProtectaDrive Silicone hard drive sleeve 2.5" hard drives only $7.99 3.5" hard drives only $9.95 ProtectaDrive
Key Covers & More
Keyboard covers for MacBook Pro Featuring a silky smooth surface texture for the fastest touch typing possible. Protects against key wear, food, dust and hair clogging.
Easy to clean too, just peel up from the keyboard, rinse under water, and dry.
MacBook Pro Retina For all 13"-15" MacBook Pro Retina
Comes in all 13 color options
only $19.99
MacBook Pro Retina For MacBook Pro Retina 2012
Comes in Black
only $19.99
MacBook Pro For MacBook Pro
Comes in Black, White, Red & Pink
only $17.99
Keyboard covers for MacBook Air Add both personal style and protection to your MacBook Air with the NewerTech NuGuard Silicone Keyboard Cover. Featuring a silky smooth surface texture for the fastest touch typing possible, NuGuard Keyboard Cover protects against food, hair and dust clogging, and key wear. MacBook Air 13 For MacBook Air 13"
Mid 2011 & later
Comes in all 13 color options
only $19.99
MacBook Air 11 For MacBook Air 11"
Mid 2011 & later
Comes in all 13 color options
only $11.99
MacBook Air 13 For MacBook Air 13" 2010
Comes in Black, White, Red & Pink
only $11.99
MacBook Air 11 For MacBook Air 11" 2010
Comes in Black, White, Red & Pink
only $11.99
NuGuard Keyboard Covers
Desk Accessories
When it comes to your desktop, it's imperative your workstation is comfortable and fucntional. Nothing quite says style and class like the luxurious feel of leather with the NewerTech NuPad Leather mouse pads and keep light on the subject with a flexible neck aluminum led lamp.
NuMount Pivot

NuMount Pivot

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design allows positioning of display for maximum comfort, functionality

With its flexible extending and retracting neck, the NuMount Pivot lets you position and rotate however you see fit! Eliminate the strain on your neck and eyes by positioning your display to maximize comfort by utilizing its extension and tilt motion capabilities.

The NuMount Pivot can even rotate 90 degrees to a vertical portrait view, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time reading.

NEW! Desk Mount for VESA Mounted Displays only $189.00

Wall Mount
for iMac, Apple Cinema Display
or Thunderbolt Display*
only $159.00

Desk Mount
for iMac, Apple Cinema Display
or Thunderbolt Display*
only $189.00
*Compatible with mid-2007 through mid-2009 24" iMac, Late 2009 through 2011 27" iMac, 24" & 27" Apple LED Cinema Displays, and 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display.
2 Piece Pry Tool Set
The NewerTech 2-Piece pry tool kit is a pair of non-marring destructible nylon pry tools (a.k.a. "spudgers*) for opening iPods and other difficult-to-open but easy-to-scratch items. only $0.99
2-piece Nylon Pry Toolkit
14 Piece Portable Toolkit
14 Piece Portable Toolkit
The 14-Piece Portable Toolkit is perfect for the technician on the go. The rugged, zippered woven nylon outer casing keeps your tools together in a small, convenient package, and the padded interior ensures your tools remain right where you left them. only $19.95
Cleaning and Polishing Kit
Remove scratches from your Apple® iPod®, iBook®, or any plastic surface with this 3 step plastic polish system. only $17.95
Cleaning and Polishing Kit
Electronic Device Repair
Unlike plastic spudgers, which are often too thick and only good for a single use, iSesamo's ultra-thin steel design allows for easy entry into microscopic seams and can be used over and over. It comes with a clear, flexible, rubber handle for maximum grip and precision handling as you work. only $9.99
Durable Suction Cup
Suction Cup
The 2.25" Suction Cup is made from durable hi-impact nylon that forms a positive grip on sheet metal, glass, plastic and other non-porous surfaces. only $9.95
Suction Cup
Nylon Probe Tool
Disassemble with ease
Nylon Probe Tool
The "Black Stick" opens Apple iPhone and iPods, Mac Laptops and Desktops as well as other electronic devices. 6" long, temperature resistant, glass-filled nylon tool. Will not scratch surfaces.
only $3.95
Scratch free Microfiber
MicroFiber Wipe
Superior cleaning and polishing without scratching. From iPods, to laptops, to home electronics, this handy, pocket-sized polish wipe is great for cleaning almost any surface. only $7.99
MicroFiber Wipe
FireWire 800/400 Adapter
FireWire Adapter
FireWire 800/400 Adapter
Plug and Play your existing FireWire 400 digital devices to the latest FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 only computer models. Specially tapered design allows for easy connection of cables to adjacent ports.
only $9.95
Always Stay Connected
Snuglet MagSafe 2 Upgrade
Increase the strength of the magnetic contact so your power cable stays connected with Snuglet MagSafe 2 Upgrade. only $19.00
Wireless Networking