NuRam® Memory

NuRAM Memory
Mac mini Mid 2010 Models Can Support a Maximum Memory of 8.0GB
NuRAM Memory
– Memory Upgrades for Mac mini 2010 Models.
– 4GB (2x2GB) PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM Modules.
– NuRAM brand memory is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
– NuRAM memory is continuously tested in actual machines.
Highest Quality and Reliability
Highest Compatibility and Performance
More Memory = A Faster Mac!
Mac and PC compatible
NewerTech NuRAM Lifetime
Limited Warranty
NuRAM Memory PC8500

NuRAM® Memory PC8500

Available in 4GB upgrade kits.
PC3-8500 (True PC3-8500, 256 X 64) | DDR3 | 1066MHz | SO-DIMM Upgrade Kit
Designed for the end-user seeking a combination of value and performance, NuRAM memory is thoroughly in-house lab tested to ensure high-quality, compatibility and reliability as well as to meet all manufacturer specifications. In addition to the extensive testing each and every NuRAM memory module undergoes before shipping, NuRAM is continuously batch tested in actual machines. With such quality assured performance, NuRAM brand memory is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Non Parity
Memory Components
  • Low Noise 8-Layer PCB
  • Exceeds Apple/Intel Specifications
  • Fully complaint with JEDEC specifications
  • RoHS Compliant
  • CL = 7
Cycle Time
  • 1.875ns
  • 1.5V
  • Non ECC
Module Ranks
  • Dual Rank
Pin Count
  • 204-pin
Operating Temperature
  • 0C to +85C
Data Rate
  • DDR3-1066
  • PC3-8500
Learn how to find your Mac's model IDThis product is compatible with...
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1
2.4GHz, 2.66GHz
Mac mini Intel
Mac mini (Mid 2010 Server)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: Macmini4,1
Compatible with popular brand Intel / AMD Processor based PC brands capable of using a module of the Specifications listed above. Our modules comply with JEDEC Specifications, document JESD79-3B.

Please check your computer's specifications in your owner's manual or at the manufacturer's web site in order to confirm whether the above specifications match your particular computer's needs. You can also find this information using a free utility such as "System Information for Windows" by Topala Software. Click here to get your memory specs (PC Users)

Compatibility includes, but not limited to:
  • Mini 311c-1000 (311c-1010SA, 311c-1015EA, 311c-1020SA, 311c-1030SA) / 311c-1100 (311c-1101SA, 311c-1111SA, 311c-1120SA)
  • Adamo Pearl
  • Inspiron 13z / 15 / 15z
  • Latitude XT2 / XT2 XFR / 13 / Z600 / E4200 / E4300
  • Precision Workstation M6400 / M6500
  • Studio XPS 13 / 15 / 16 / 17
  • Vostro V13 / 3300 / 3500 / 3700
  • Amilo X series (Xi 3650, Xi 3670)
  • Celsius Mobile H series (H265, H270)
  • Esprimo
    • D series (D9510)
    • M series (M9410, M9415)
    • U series (U9210, U9215)
    • X series (X9510, X9515, X9525)
  • Lifebook
    • A series (A6220, A6230)
    • E series (E8420)
    • N series (N7010)
    • P series (P8020)
    • S series (S6420, S7220)
    • T series (T1010, T2020, T4220, T5010)
  • Stylistic ST6012
  • G62-100 (G62-104SA, G62-105SA, G62-106SA, G62-107SA, G62-110SA) /G72-100 (G72-101SA, G72-102SA, G72-105SA, G72-110SA
  • EliteBook 8440p / 8540 (p, w) / 8740
  • Envy 13-1000 (13-1050EA) / 13-1100 (13-1100EA) / 15-1000 (15-1060EA, 15-1080EA) / 15-1100 (15-1110EA), HDX X18-1100 (HDX18-1101EA, HDX18-1103EA
  • Pavilion DM1-1000 (DM1-1020SA, DM1-1030SA) / DM1-1100 (DM1-1101SA, DM1-1102EA, DM1-1102SA, DM1-1110SA, DM1-1111EA) / DV3-2300 (DV3-2310EA) / DV6-1400 (DV6-1407SA) / DV6-2100 (DV6-2112EA, DV6-2112SA, DV6-2113SA, DV6-2116EA) / DV7-2200 (DV7-2215SA) / DV7-3000 (DV7-3020EA) / DV8-1000 (DV8-1080EA) / DV8-1100 (DV8-1110EA)
  • ProBook 4310s / 4320s / 4520s / 4720s / 5310m / 6440b / 6540
  • Touchsmart TM2-1010EA / 600-1000 (600-1050UK)
  • Thinkpad
    • Edge 13 (Intel version)
    • R series (R400, R500)
    • SL series (SL410, SL410e, SL510, SL510e)
    • T series (T400, T400s, T410, T500, T510)
    • W series (W500, W510, W700)
    • X series (X200, X200s, X201, X201S, X201T, X301)
  • VGN:
    • NS series (NS20Z/S) /
    • TT series (TT11LN/B, TT11M/N, TT15V, TT15W, TT15X, TT21JN/B, TT21M/N, TT21VN/X)
    • Z series (Z11MN/B, Z11VN/B, Z11WN/B, BOND007Z, Z21MN/B, Z21VN/X, Z21WN/B, Z21ZN/X, Z25V, Z25W, Z25X, Z31MN/B, Z31VN/X, Z31WN/B)
  • VPC:
    • CW series (CW1S1E/L, CW1S1E/P, CW1S1E/R, CW1S1E/W, CW2S1E/L, CW2S1E/P, CW2S1E/R, CW2S1E/W, CW2Z1E/B)
    • E series (EB1E0E/T, EB1E0E/WI, EB1M0E/WI, EB1E9E/BJ, EB1E9J/BJ, EB1S0E/WI, EB1S0E/BJ, EB1Z0E/B)
    • F series (F11M1E/H, F11SLE/B, F11Z1E/BI)
    • Y series (Y11M1E/S)
Why do I need more RAM?
Most new computers come with the bare minimum of memory (RAM) so you can perform basic tasks like checking e-mail or watching videos online. Trying to multitask or even run a typical application can slow your sytem to a crawl. By upgrading your computer with more RAM, you can quickly and easily speed up:
  • Web surfing
  • Printing
  • Transferring files
  • Video editing
  • Gaming
  • Downloading
  • Multitasking
  • Starting programs
  • or just Booting up
In short, more memory = a faster Mac!