NewerTech® : Battery Recycling Program
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Battery Recycling Program
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for purchasing a NewerTech NuPower High Capacity Replacement Battery for your Apple notebook. Besides adding the highest performing battery power to your computer, you also perhaps unknowingly made a decision to help promote a cleaner environment.

Free of lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, PBDE
In March 2007, we completed the conversion of the NuPower battery line to be fully RoHS certified. That means the battery you purchased is lead, mercury, and cadmium free, as well as manufactured without the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals such as PBBs and PBDE.

For a Far Smaller Impact... think local!
To continue our commitment to environmental stewardship, we have researched all the resources used and emissions generated to send us back your old battery and have concluded that having disposal take place in your local region has a far smaller impact on the environment than sending it across country to us using commercial carriers.
Find Local Recycling Sources for your old battery and even your entire computer
  • Earth 911 | 1-800-cleanup
    Find over 100,000 local recycling locations across the country by zip.
  • Call 2 Recycle | 1-800-8-battery
    Find major retail drop-off locations near your zip.
  • Find state and local gov't as well as local recycling centers by zip.
International Consumers: Check with local retailers that offer recycling programs or visit for collection contacts.
Clean & Green
As the premier provider of high capacity replacement batteries for MacBooks, MacBook Pros, PowerBooks, iBooks, iPods, and iPhone NewerTech is committed to helping make sure that every used laptop battery and batteries for iPods are properly recycled.

Elements from Li-Ion batteries can be recycled for use in multiple industries and proper disposal of other components prevents contamination to the environment.
Proactive Protection
In addition to our commitment to helping you properly recycle your used laptop and iPod batteries, NewerTech is dedicated to proactively protecting the environment. Every NuPower laptop battery and batteries for iPod in production today is manufactured Mercury-free.

Further, NewerTech's Intelligent Battery Charger/Conditioners extend the useful life of Apple, NewerTech, or third party laptop batteries, reducing the number of batteries consumers need to discard in the first place.
Shipping Label
Can't find somewhere local?
We'll take care of you!
In the event you cannot find a suitable local recycling location for your old battery, please fill out your name, e-mail address, invoice number, and NuPower battery serial number.
Once we have verified your information, we'll email you a paid return shipping label for use within the Continental 48 United States to ship us your old used battery to ensure proper recycling and disposal.

Unfortunately due to environmental regulations, we are unable to ship damaged or swollen batteries.
First and Last Name: e-mail address: Invoice# of battery purchase: Serial# of battery: where is this? Zip/Postal Code:
No battery left behind... you ship it, we'll recycle it.
Even if you haven't purchased a NuPower laptop replacement battery, you may still send in your old laptop (and even iPod) battery and NewerTech will make sure it receives proper recycling and disposal. (Unfortunately due to environmental regulations, we are unable to ship damaged or swollen batteries.)
Simply address your postage paid packages to:
NewerTech Battery Recycling Program
8 Galaxy Way
Woodstock, IL 60098
How We Recycle batteries Our battery recycling program is two fold:
The second phase
The second phase is what happens to the actual battery components. For the batteries we receive that are at the end of their useful life, we send them to a battery-handling specialty company that ensures the various cells and components are separated, so that the li-ion cells are properly disposed of and all recoverable materials are recycled. What is recovered varies by battery – but typically, the PCB, plastic housing, and metal casings are recouped scrap from the process.

The most important aspect of our program is that it prevents these batteries from ending up in landfills – where the toxic chemicals, mainly Lithium Ion – would otherwise eventually escape from the cells where they can then cause environmental harm. Older batteries may also contain mercury, which is even more damaging even in small quantities.
The first phase
Whenever possible, we pursue any possibilities of refurbishing batteries and giving them a new life.