NewerTech® : Video
Video Cable Comparison The NewerTech Difference Our video adapters are designed to the highest standards with exceptional shielding and superior thicker cabling. This provides the best quality and interference-free display output, and a more durable adapter.
Other Brands' Adapter Issues Many lesser brands' video adapters use little to no shielding and thinner gauge wires. These shortcomings can result in lower display quality from interference, cause interference, or possibly result in a shorter lifespan of the adapter.
The video quality you expect from HDMI and equally high-quality audio in one cable! Get incredible audio and video resolution with NewerTech's HDMI cable. The cable is high speed and Ethernet enabled. See colors the way you were intended to see them while taking advantage of high-resolution audio formats and surround sound. from $9.95 HDMI Cables
Take back the full power of your headless Mac or PC. Use the full power of the graphics processor in your Mac or PC without needing a display. Remotely access your computer with native display support. Ultra-compact, low-profile design. only $39.00 HDMI Headless with Mac mini