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Power2U USB Plug
Power2U 20amp USB Ports
Make your walls "Today Ready" The perfect upgrade to your digital life
– Two full-power USB ports to charge mobile devices
– Fully UL-listed
– NEC compliant tamper-resistant
– Designed for standard 15A circuits
Install with confidence with free how-to video
Eliminates Clutter
Charge & Power up to 4 devices
2012 Stevie Awards People's Choice Winner IoT 2015 Award UL Listed Number
  • "I installed one unit...and immediately got hooked...quality of the unit is top-notch..." Len Kaufman North Florida Macintosh Users Group
  • "I'm...a huge fan of the Power2U... a great accessory for anyone with multiple gadgets to charge...easy enough for anyone to install" Josh Smith Gotta Be Mobile
  • " awesome addition to any geeky home... so convenient, you'll wish all of your outlets were like this." Geek Culture


Dual-socket Wall Outlet with Two Integrated USB Ports
The NewerTech Power2U dual USB wall outlet is the convenient and energy-efficient solution for powering and charging USB devices. The Power2U provides two traditional 15A power outlets, plus two USB ports delivering 2.5A for fast charging of your USB devices. Conveniently power and charge up to four devices without searching for power adapters or using your computer as a charging station.
Designed for Easy Install
At just 14 cubic inches, the Power2U offers a compact design and features integrated 14 gauge copper wires for easy installation. Plus, the Power2U utilizes a standard wall plate, allowing you to install it in more places than ever before, even in multi-gang configurations.

Fully UL-listed, and featuring NEC-compliant, tamper-resistant AC sockets, means the Power2U is safe for use in homes and offices. And with its compact design and free how-to installation video, you can have Power2U installed in minutes!
Ideal "DIY" Upgrade For Multiple Device Users
The Power2U offers easy access to each port and outlet, so you can charge and power up to four devices simultaneously. Whether in your kitchen, living room, or beside your bed, the Power2U delivers convenience and blends seamlessly anywhere you can install a wall outlet.
Money Saving, Energy-Efficient Design
Power 2U's internal safety switch only outputs the charging power required by the attached device, and powers off unused USB ports to eliminate stand-by energy draw. With 5% of U.S. energy consumed from stand-by power from appliances and computer equipment, the Power2U is a smart, environmentally friendly energy decision that reduces the cost of your monthly energy bill.
Apple iPad (all models)1
Apple iPhone (all models)
Apple iPod (all USB chargeable models)
Android™ tablets and phones, tablet computers, cell phones, gaming systems (Nintendo, Sony PSP, etc.), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, or GPS devices which charge via standard USB plug
  1. To maintain factory-stated charging duration when charging two iPads or a combination of iPad and any other USB rechargeable device simultaneously, we recommend charging the iPad via the factory wall adapter.
Mechanical Specifications
  • Terminal ID: None; wires attached
  • Terminal Accommodation: None; wires attached
  • Product ID: Ratings marked on device
  • Termination: 14 Gauge Standard Wire
  • NEMA: WD-1 & WD-6
  • ANSI: C-73
  • UL 498: File E339607
  • UL 514D: File E339607
  • UL 1310: File E339607
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 223: File E339607
  • Patent Number: 7997925
Environmental Specifications
  • Flammability: Rated V-2 per UL94
  • Operating Temperature: -40° F to 140° F
Materials Specifications
  • Face & Body Material: Polycarbonate
  • Line Contacts: Brass triple-wipe .031 thick
  • Strap Material: Zinc-plated steel
  • Color: White/Black/Ivory/Almond
Electrical Requirements
  • 14 Gauge (15A) Electrical Circuit.
  • 14 Cubic Inch or larger single gang electrical box.
Electrical Specifications
  • Grounding: Self
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • Voltage: 125 Volt
  • NEMA: 5-15R Compliant
  • Pole: 2
  • Wire: 3
  • DC power SPECS : 5.2 volt, 2500mA (12.5W) Duplex USB charging receptacle with internal on/off switch for USB power
  • Dielectric Voltage: Withstands 2000V per UL 498
  • Overload Test, HP Ratings: 125V AC 58.8A
  • Current Limiting: Full Rated Current
  • Temperature Rise: 15A, Maximum contact temperature rise 62.95° F (27.6° C); Maximum terminal temperature rise 59.36° F (19.8° C)
Q: How do I determine if I can safely replace my current outlet with Power2U?
A: There are a couple of requirements to safely replace an outlet with the Power2U. One is that you cannot replace a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) outlet with a Power2U because you would be eliminating the GFCI functionality from that electrical circuit.

You can, however, replace the electrical circuit breaker that controls the circuit you wish to install Power2U on with a GFCI enabled breaker.

To determine if your outlet box is large enough to accommodate the Power2U, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the power to the outlet that you wish to replace.
2. Remove the wall plate and outlet you wish to replace.
3. Insert a tape measure or ruler into the outlet box and measure the depth, width, and height.
4. Multiply the three measurements. For example, a standard deep outlet box is 3" deep x 3" tall x 2-1/8" wide. Multiply all of those together and you come up with 19.125 cubic inches. This box would qualify to fit the Power2U outlet, however that does not complete your calculations; the amount of wires, and fastening devices that are inside of the box also must be factored in. A very thorough explanation of these calculations are available at Each situation in residential wiring can be unique, so it is up to the installer to determine if they are in compliance with the NEC regulations.
Q: Which GFCI can I replace?
A: If you are installing the Power2U into a circuit that is protected by a GFCI, you can replace any standard outlet that is already protected by that GFCI circuit with the Power2U. You cannot replace the GFCI outlet that protects the circuit with the Power2U. If you wish to replace a GFCI outlet with the Power2U, you would need to change the circuit breaker powering the circuit with a GFCI circuit breaker.

Power2U Simple Compatibility Visual Reference Guide:
(Your GFCI buttons may vary from the outlet depicted below)
Power2U Outlet Replacement
  • DO NOT replace GFCI outlets that contain reset/breaker buttons
  • Wired in series outlets protected "downstream" from a GFCI outlet can be replaced with a Power2U
Q: Will my Power2U be GFCI protected when I replace a GFCI downstream outlet?
A: Yes.
Power2U GFCI
Q: Can any other type of outlet be replaced?
A: Yes, any standard dual socket outlet can be replaced with a Power2U*
Power2U Outlet

Q: What's the difference between the main GFCI and others in a series?
A: A GFCI outlet (the kind that has a TEST and a RESET button on it) is the device that protects the entire electrical circuit from severe or fatal electrical shocks. There is no difference between the main GFCI outlet and an outlet wired in series after the GFCI outlet, both are equally protected. However, you cannot replace the main GFCI outlet with a Power2U outlet and still have the same shock protection, the Power2U is not a GFCI outlet.
Q: What if my GFCI is located in a circuit breaker panel?
A: No problem! You can replace any outlet protected by a GFCI circuit breaker with a Power2U as long as the outlet box is large enough per NEC regulations ( to accommodate the Power2U.
Q: What if my installation location doesn't have a 14 cubic inch outlet box?
A: You will need to replace the existing outlet box with a larger box that meets NEC regulations to accommodate the Power2U. Your local home center will have replacement outlet boxes (called "boxes with ears" or "old work" boxes), and a set of hold-it straps (commercially available as "Madison Straps") to accomplish this task. If you are not familiar with this process, a licensed and bonded electrician can do it for you. This process can get quite involved and may require minor drywall patching when complete, depending on your existing outlet box installation.
Q: My house uses AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interruptor) protected outlets. Can I replace one of them with a Power2U?
A: Yes, just like GFCI outlets that are protected by a GFCI circuit breaker, AFCI outlets are protected by a circuit breaker. If you are installing the Power2U into a circuit that is protected by a AFCI, you can replace any standard outlet that is already protected by that AFCI circuit with the Power2U.
Q: Is there a fuse inside of the Power2U?
A: Yes, there is an internal fuse to protect the system in case of overload or short in the USB charging system. The fuse is not user-replaceable-if activated, it is recommended to replace the entire Power2U unit.

Note: The internal fuse will burn out to protect the system (wall socket and device) if the end user makes the mistake of connecting to a power source requiring more than 125V.
Q: What USB cables work with Power2U?
A: The Power2U has been tested, and is compatible, with cables conforming to USB standards. This includes cables that come with USB powered/charged devices, including those from Apple, Kindle (Amazon), Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and other major brand device providers, as well as aftermarket cable brands including NewerTech (purchase here), Belkin, and Griffin. Not all aftermarket cables meet USB design standards and such may not be ideal for use with this product.
Q: What happens if I plug a damaged USB cable into the Power2U?
A: The USB wall socket will terminate charging if the USB cable is shorted. In this case, the internal fuse will not burn out. Then, when the short is cleared and power reset, the charging system will return back to normal.
Q: A light switch controls my outlets. Can I use the NewerTech Power2U receptacle still?
A: The NewerTech Power2U can be used with a switch. Bear in mind that the entire Power2U unit will turn on or off with the switch. If the switch is in the off position, no power will be available from the three-prong outlets or the USB ports.

Some residences have "half-switched" receptacles, where the top or bottom outlet is always ON and the opposite outlet turns on and off with a switch. The Power2U is NOT compatible with these types of installation-it cannot be "half-switched."
Q: Which electrical boxes can adequately house a Power2U?
A: The Power2U is compatible with standard 14 cubic inch and larger electrical boxes. Because the Power2U is a wide device, it will fit better into nail-on and screw-on boxes than it will in cut-in boxes. Be sure that the box you are installing into is large enough to accommodate the Power2U and the existing wires safely before installing.

*Read the additional FAQ's on this page for additional details.

If you are unsure or in doubt about installation, please call a licensed electrician!
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